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Fabia Juliasz

CEO da MarketData e Chief Data & Knowledge Officer da VMLY&R

Fabia has worked in a plethora of Jobs and shows tremendous expertise in areas ranging from Business management, Market Research to Data and Audiences.

Until 2021, she was Executive Director of Research & Knowledge at Globo, the largest broadcaster and media group of Brazil and Latin America, in which she led the transformation of the research unit into a center of expertise. In that role she managed all Audiences, data and research initiatives for the entire group of companies.

In the course of Fábia’s tenure, Globo reshaped its portfolio and was able to adapt into a mediatech, growingly supported by research and data. These assets combined have enabled considerable growth and inclusion of digital and tech talent inside the company.

Fabia was the main contributor for the launch of the Total Audience initiative and the Knowledge Platform.

Prior to her roles at Globo, she was Executive Director of Audiences for Kantar Media Latam, the company’s largest and most profitable business unit. Leading the operation throughout 15 countries, she managed to be at the forefront of innovation and industry discussions, which contributed to the digitalization of TV in the region.

Established in Brazil, she led several different business units within the IBOPE Group. From 2002-2015 she was CEO of the IBOPE Nielsen Online joint-venture, the company that established all audience and advertising online measurement and metrics both in Brazil, Mexico and Argentina. She also served as Executive Director of Business Development and Partnerships and founded the IBOPE Inteligencia, the group´s research and intelligence business unit.

With a technology background and skilled on new product innovation and advanced analytics, she began her career at Burroughs Electronics and Banco Itaú. She followed as an entrepreneur, running her own company in the fashion industry for 10 years.

Fabia serves on the advisory board of Pinion.org and as board member of AngelUs network.

She is also personally engaged in culture transformation projects related to the empowerment of women, inclusion, distribution of income and preservation of wildlife.

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